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Do you need to add ice to your Genesis Ice Bath?

Do you need to add ice to your Genesis Ice Bath?

Do you need to add ice?

No! You don’t need to add ice to experience cold therapy with the Genesis Ice Bath.
The threshold for cold therapy is between 3-15 degrees.
With our Genesis inflatable ice bath, due to their five layered insulated material, in mornings in winter the water is around 7 degrees and around 11 degrees in summer. Even in the middle of a hot day, if you just re-fill the tub with tap water it sits around 14 degrees which still cold enough (Tony Robbins ice baths at 15 Degrees daily).
Therefore you don’t need to add ice at all, though if you do want to make it a bit more challenging then adding ice is a fantastic idea.

How to cool it down further?
What you can do to cool it down further is freeze a few ice cream containers with ice and throw them in, the tub is made of five-layer insulated material so it will help it to keep cool for longer. Additionally, we have some large ice molds coming out in the future which will be a great option.

These units are designed to be left outside year round which makes them so easy so refill and empty etc, they have a nozzle at the bottom and an extendable pipe to just point the water into the garden.

We have a few new models coming out in the near future which have built in coolers that allow you to set the temperature anywhere between 2-40 degrees, these units have built in sanitation systems and filters as well so you only need to change the water a few times a year. Keep an eye out!
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