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Genesis 充氣冰浴

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Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Genesis 充氣冰浴
Save 18%

Genesis 充氣冰浴

Regular price $200.00 $165.00 18% off
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隆重介紹「Genesis 冰浴」—您的終極復健伴侶

在 Health HQ,我們致力於促進您的健康和福祉,Genesis 冰浴是健康武器庫的革命性補充。



30 天退款保證💰


  • Genesis 冰浴,附 8 隻支撐腿
  • 水座
  • 修理包
  • 排水閥
  • 可伸縮排水管
  • 手動泵浦


  • 浴缸附帶的一切 +
  • 隔熱蓋
  • 天氣罩
  • 手提包
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Product Specifications

Elevate your recovery game and embrace the transformative benefits of cold therapy with the Genesis Ice Bath from Health HQ. Whether you're an athlete seeking peak performance or someone looking to optimize your well-being, our ice bath is your go-to solution. Start your journey to enhanced recovery and resilience today!


  • Tub: $165
  • Insulated Lid: $25
  • Tub Cover: $25
  • Carry Bag: $25
  • Bundle (Tub, Insulated Lid, Tub Cover): $199.99

Key Features

Spacious Design:

Fits individuals over 6ft comfortably.


Perfect for travel. Easy assembly and disassembly, complete with a carry bag for your convenience.


Can be stored outside, built to withstand various weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly Materials:

Made from 3-layered, eco-friendly materials for durability.

Extra Stability:

Eight legs for enhanced stability, surpassing competitors' six-legged designs.

High Quality:

Built to last with Rip-stop Strengthened Polyester fabric and UV-resistant skin-friendly PVC inner lining

Insulated Material:

Made to stay cooler for longer.


Genesis Ice Bath Assembly & Walkthrough

Why Ice Baths?

The Benefits of Cold Therapy

Cold therapy has been embraced by athletes and health enthusiasts worldwide for its remarkable advantages. Some of the many benefits from cold water exposure include:

Reduced Muscle Soreness

Scientific studies have shown that ice baths can significantly reduce post-exercise muscle soreness, facilitating quicker recovery.

Inflammation Reduction

Cold water exposure is known to decrease inflammation markers in the body, contributing to the management of inflammatory conditions.

Pain Management

Cold water immersion has been demonstrated to provide effective pain relief, particularly for acute injuries.

Improved Blood Circulation

Cold exposure can stimulate vasoconstriction and vasodilation, leading to enhanced blood flow and cardiovascular benefits.

Better Sleep

Cold therapy can improve the quality of your sleep through its impact on the body's thermoregulation system; triggering a natural drop in core body temperature, facilitating the release of sleep-promoting hormones such as melatonin, and reducing nighttime wakefulness.

Endorphin Release

Cold exposure triggers the release of endorphins, natural painkillers, and mood enhancers. Resulted in an enhanceD mood.

Enhanced Immune Response

Cold water exposure stimulates leukocytes, which bolster the immune system's function and help it to fight off sicknesses and infections.

Metabolic Benefits

Cold exposure can activate brown fat, which increases metabolism and burns calories to generate heat, potentially aiding in weight management.

Mental Resilience

Regular cold exposure is known to boost mental resilience, reduce stress, and improve focus.

Additional Information

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bill T.
Fantastic for recovery, super knowledgeable team as well

Highly recommend

Awesome Tool!

Best way to start the morning, super easy to use as well

Love this Product, great way to start your morning or pre workout

Best thing I have ever bought

Luke H.

Very convenient and easy to assemble and use. Highest of praises

Very comfortable and roomy, love it! Great Videos on their social media too

Wanted to say I am really impressed with my Health HQ ice tub. I used it for the first time yesterday and was really amazed with how much room their is when you hop in and found it very, very comfortable. I have found the videos that Conway has been doing have also been awesome and I have learn't alot. Thank you Health HQ