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Who Are We?

Born in Christchurch, we are a health and wellbeing company with the purpose to make wellbeing as simple and effortless as possible. We do this by providing palatable and helpful infomation on our social media, with our store growing to be the one-stop shop for all your health and wellbeing needs. This then feeds directly into our day-to-day mission; to inspire, educate, and equip.

Our Mission

To inspire, educate, and equip people to put their health first and take their wellbeing into their own hands.


To inspire people to make a change, take action and put their wellbeing first.


To educate people with current, palatable, leading, and actionable knowledge on how to improve their wellbeing.


To equip people with current, leading, effective, and practicable tools to take their wellbeing into their own hands.


To be the ‘go-to’ place for all your wellbeing and health needs no matter where or who you are

To be known by everything that HealthHQ is the first and best option for learning about improving your health and for offering you the best tools available to allow you to take improving your health into your own hands


To positively influence and inspire as many lives as possible by educating and providing the most compelling health and wellbeing tools available

To do everything in our power to reach and impact as many people as possible, always staying competitive in our prices, always staying current in our research and advice, and always putting others health first.


  • To make decisions based on helping others

To live what we preach and make decisions based on what will have the best impact possible for our customers.

  • To be playful and have fun every step of the way

To enjoy every day and have fun as we impact as many people as we can.

  • To respect the environment

To never cut corners at the expense of the planet

  • To always do the right thing

To always put the right foot forward and do what we know is right, be conscientious

  • To never stop learning

To seek new and better ways of doing things daily, to never become outdated or contempt

  • To always do your best

To always bring the best version of yourself and do the best you can, no matter the situation, the consequences, or the reward.



Conway Morris,

Director of HealthHQ